10 January 2010

New Year's Resolutions Suck

Seriously, who resolves to "not talk about 2009"?

I do.

Buuuut, if you've read the last like, twenty of my blog posts (yes, sadly this year I have already posted twenty times) you will know that I'm publicly failing at this. Never mind. Speaking of which, Megan posted some ridiculous "2009 in REview" questionnaire on her Facebook account (yes, I'm back on Facebook too. I rule).

At first I was all, urgh, get out with your tacky questionnaires, Megan, she who claims not to be a conformist. Then I read some of the questions and felt they applied directly to me.

Did you meet any new friends this (last) year: Obviously. Thom and Luke are probably the best examples of this. Not only new friends but new faves!
Did any of your friendships end: Absolutely. In retrospect, I look at it and I'm like "oh, I don't talk to that person because they said something mean about Becky" and the most upsetting thing is, there were a LOT of people that said mean things about Becky! They can fuck off!!! Becky rules. I will end as many friendships as I need to for that girl.
Did you dislike anyone: Probably when I was drunk. I either love people or hate them while under the influence. It polarises feelings (seriously... alcohol metabolism thesis anyone?). But other than that, YES I dislike ANYONE that says mean things about Becky, or Thom, or any of my other faves.
Did you make any new enemies: Ooh, enemies is a strong word. I don't think so...
Did you resolve any fights: Temporarily. But that's all gone back to shit now. Oh, well.
Did you grow apart from anyone: Yeah, of course. It's pretty hard to stay in touch with like, Sam for example because I no longer live in the room underneath his, and he is NEVER on Facebook! Which sucks. Sam is probably the person I would least like to grow apart from. Conversely, my friendships with people like Becky, Sam (another Sam, obviously), Mandy and Kirsty got better, so that's nice. Always look for the beautiful positive.
Did you have any regrets when it came to friendships: Of course. I wish I still saw my Bayswater kids every day. I wish I saw Danielle every day. But we're all still friends so no *real* regrets.


2009 is done! Let's never speak of it again! Until like, the next time I feel the need to rant about it. Probably ten minutes from now.

Love and light.

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