3 January 2010

What's That You Say?

Good idea, Iris. Break two of your new year's resolutions, within an hour of setting them, and in full view of the internet community (and as such, the world?)

For whatever reason, I decided to do a word count of how many times "fuck" has appeared in my blog. Turns out, it's a few too many times for my honest liking. I did, however, come across this wee gem of wisdom.

"I tell people that I'm narrow-minded when it comes to music. I think I am - to an extent. Although, I'll make no apologies for saying this - I think the real narrow-minded ones are those who listen to hip-hop and R&B trash. Honestly, what is the attraction? It's all, stock-standard, synthesised drums with identical basslines, with either some guy with no education rapping about "bitches and hoes", or a scantily-clad woman wailing about how she can do better. Well, fuck - if you can, go ahead, and save my ears."

Anyway, that's quite enough of that. No more referrals to 2009, or sailor mouth.

Over and out.

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