8 January 2010

Birthday City

So far, January has been a remarkably busy month for birthdays. On new year's day, Ying-Te turned 20, and then Aubrey did a few days later, on the same day that Joss turned 24. On January 2nd, Jono (my favourite director - of Radioactive Reptiles fame) had his 22nd, and today Niiiiiiiiiiiick is 21, and Sophie (not THE Sophie) is seventeen. I can actually still remember this Sophie when she was twelve. She's an amputee, and Theresa and I lamented the fact that she had a skin-coloured prosthetic.
"What she really wants," we proposed "is one of those titanium poles." Theresa theorised that at Sophie's age, she would probably be like, "argh! It's a monster!".

Anyway, Sophie has since gone on to become the world's most dominant Paralympic swimmer, with three gold medals and one silver at the Beijing Paralympics in 2008, and last year she won four gold medals, in world record-setting times, and two bronzes at the IPC Short Course World Championships. Out of control.

Happy birthday, Nick and Sophie!

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