6 January 2010

Gaga: The Fallout

I loved my white-blonde, Lady Gaga-reminiscent tresses the way only a Lady Gaga wannabe could.

Unfortunately though, by Christmas, my hair was more reminiscent of... I don't know, copper wire (without the colour, obviously). My hair was about an inch shorter - due to breakage, not a haircut, a million times drier, and more sensitive to everything - water, hair product, being tied up, my hair straightener (okay so that last one was a given but I like my hair to be not only blonde, I like it to be straight). It's time to go, blonde hair.

So on about December 23rd, I bought some hairdye and away I went, expecting a low-key, fades-into-the-background brown. This was not the case. I ended up with quite an ... electric ... shade of red. Red?! Yeah, works for Brigette, and that horrible girl from Paramore. Does not work for me. Still, I braved it for a few days until Boxing Day, which when I bought yet another packet of hairdye - hoping, once again, for low-key brown. Instead, I got black.

People! Do not dye your own hair! It will not end up the way you want it.

Trouble is (apart from looking like an emo, I mean), restoring colour to my stressed tresses has by no means restored any sort of "vitality". No, no. It's even shorter. It's still hydrophobic and hates the straightener. IT STILL FEELS LIKE STRAW! Right now, I'm dressed in a white tshirt, and my hair is literally shedding on to my shirt. I mean, shit, if it was still white, at least no-one would see!

When it comes to hair, you can't win. Don't ever, EVER dye your hair.

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