10 June 2009

Sophie Gets Her Gaga On

If you're a New Zealand reader, you might have heard of ZM. It's this radio station that broadcasts across both islands and plays gay music that I love (slash hate).
Anyway, they're running this competition at the moment, called "Show Us Your Gaga", in which entrants send in photos of themselves dressed as Lady Gaga.

Longtime readers will remember Sophie's amazing Gaga costume from her 21st. I've just realised that link doesn't actually have any photos of her, but anyway. Her costume was fantastic and so she sent in a photo of herself from the night to the competition. And now she's in the final!

ZM have whittled entries down to 10 finalists, including Sophie, so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be a pal and vote for her here. She's finalist number 2, so don't vote for anyone else except number 2! Especially not the guy, because he's Donny's cousin, so he's pretty much the enemy. We love Sophie, not Donny! You can only vote once, but that doesn't mean you can't vote on behalf of your family and friends. So do it!

If Sophie wins, she gets the teacup from the bizarro Paparazzi video. "I know!! Really cool prize!!!" (that's a direct quote).

So guys, vote for Sophie. Eternal love guaranteed!! xoxo

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