19 June 2009

Face of Smashbox: The World Is Mine!

I'd like to open by wishing Frankie some more get well vibes!! xoxo

After finishing the lovely Jess' makeup tonight, I uploaded all my photos to the Face of Smashbox site. Sooo I'm officially in the running!

Um, slight problem: the competition is based on voting, which closes in about 48 hours. Help? To vote, I'm pretty sure you need to be a fan of Smashbox Cosmetics on Facebook, but an upside is that you can win stuff for voting too! Yay. So please help out if you have a spare couple of minutes! Go here to vote. I'm entered as Miriam Casablancas, and at a guess I probably currently have about zero votes. So I shouldn't be too hard to find!

To see the photos I submitted, stop by at mim.artiste.

My most massive appreciation goes out to my lovely models: Sophie, Casey, Jess, Yasmin, and Penny. Eternal love, as always!

Ha, you won't believe what I did today. It was very childish, so actually maybe you will.

Bike75, which longtime readers may recall as the workplace of Mr. Cannondale (or Mr. Pinarello as he's now upgraded... I posted a photo a few months ago, because I'm a stalker), was having a sale this week, so I took it upon myself to wear as much makeup as humanly possible without looking like a tramp, put on my starvation pants, and head there with the intention of acting like I'd never met him before. And it worked! He looked soooo confused.

Chris: "Hey! What have you been up to!?"
Me: "Uh, hi." *looks away*
Chris: "How have you been?"
Me: "I'm happy just browsing, thanks."
Chris: "Um, okay. As you can see we've got a sale on..."
Me: "Yes. I received an email, thank you."
Chris: *stunned silence*
Me: *awkward smile*

Haha! Okay, it's so not funny, it's really lame - but I enjoyed it anyway. I then went to the Team Platinum store a block away and was greeted chirpily by the two most gorgeous Chinese boys I have ever seen in my life (after you, Curtis xoxo). I am not even kidding. The first one literally took my breath away... it was kind of another *stunned silence* moment, but a good one. This guy was beautiful. Within seconds I'd sent out one of those smoke signal texts "... I'm in love!..." to several friends (admittedly, the exchange consisted of "hi" on both our parts, but I'm pretty sure he loves me too). And then I saw the *other* Chinese guy. Okay, seriously - Team Platinum is a gift from god. And my new favourite hangout...

Beyond stoked that I was wearing a tonne of makeup for our first exchange, anyway. There's nothing like smoky eyes for a first impression.

I really need a cellphone with a camera so I can take Gossip Girl-esque photos around the place. I DID have one (which was used on several occasions to photograph Mr. Cannondale unawares) but the problem with hanging out with people from Tokoroa is that well, they steal your cellphone. Not happy.

My mum is like, five hours away from Auckland International right now! I'm not on airport duty, so I won't get to see her until about 10:30am when I get home from the gym, but that's some exciting news right there! Love my mum.

And just because, here's a photo of Ninja Ginger Productions at the 48Hour hand-in. Is it just me or is Borden REHEHEEALLY goodlooking?

And people say I have a fetish for Asian guys. Pfft. What do they know!

Peace, love, and sweet & sour pork!

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