26 June 2009

Absurd Musings On A ... Death

I wanted to refrain from mentioning the demise of Michael Jackson, which occurred this morning local time. It's a ... big day as far as notable deaths go, which is sort of unbelievable. Earlier in the day, Farrah Fawcett, who I mentioned in an earlier post, passed away from cancer.

I never saw Jackson's death coming. Ever. I'm completely serious - to me, he's always seemed like some sort of ethereal creature. He was never really there. And if he was there, he would always be. It sounds silly to say it now, but I guess I thought he would live forever.

I definitely didn't imagine that he would meet his end so dramatically while I napped, post-workout this morning.

Michael Jackson is dead. I just typed it, but I still can't comprehend it.

I suppose if nothing else he will live forever in the hearts of those of us who loved him. But he's gone, guys. He actually died.


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