8 June 2009


In response to Sugar Shock: No. No, I would not ever go bare-faced.

Sure, I do when I'm training, at the McDonald's Drive-Thru at 3am, and right now, because I'm sick. But other than that, yuk! I don't even go on Skype bare-faced! And I would not, under any circumstances, go bare-faced at red-carpet events, a la Hayden Panetierre. In all honesty, looking at the photo I've been given, she is SO not bare-faced. She's just not all foundation face like usual. Nice try, though.

Congratulations to my favourite, Nic Leary, who has just secured bike sponsorship from Avanti. She has a massively busy few months coming up, which will see her compete all over the map in the US and Canada throughout June, July and August.

I've returned, sickness and all, from a highly uneventful weekend in Christchurch. In three days, I saw Theresa, Sally, Louise (my sister) and Hadleigh. T and I hit up the casino on Saturday in ridiculously short and boobalicious dresses, after Hadleigh and I dined on desserts at Strawberry Fare. Nom nom nom.

However, not impressed with being sick. I never get sick, so when I do, I act like it's the end of the world. I intend to sleep out the rest of the week or until I'm better, which is disappointing because I'm supposed to be racing the N-Duro duathlon this Sunday in Rotorua.

No photos today. I'm sick and grumpy.

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