28 June 2009

Bright And Shiny

I never mentioned it before because I guess I got too wound up in my own self-absorbed drama, but my mum kindly brought home a truckload of makeup for me from her travels in the UK and China. Yeah, my mum is the best.

First up, she bought the new Benefit Smokin' Eyes palette for me from a department store in Cambridge. It's pretty cute, and whilst I'm already a bit of a smoky eyes star (haha), I've had heaps of fun playing with it and testing it out on my sister, Louise. Look out this weekend, at Theresa's 21st. Since I'm on makeup duty for most of my crew... they'll be smokin' the place out. My god, was that the WORST pun you ever heard? Me too. I promise I won't do it again.

mmm sexpot, yes?

Also in the bounty my mum trawled home for me was my new favourite mascara! Lancome's Cils Design Pro. It's kind of like a regular mascara with a Tiny Sniper on the other end. If you're a mascara whore, you'll know what I mean. If not... it's pretty much magic. I swear, just wearing this stuff on its own makes my eyes bluer. And I'm not usually one to, well... wear mascara on its own! Clever.

Mascara fiend? I have a feeling you might like this.

I put in a special request for a Juicy Tube. Yeah, I know - they're old news now. In fact, I remember them being hip in 2005, which was a long time ago now. But I've never had one before so I'm naturally pretty happy with it. It's No.95, Marshmallow Electro, in case you were wondering... so in other words, right up my 23-going-on-12-year-old-girl alley. Yuss!

I've also recently been bombarded by free Chanel samples, courtesy of the darling Gracie. I have enough teeny tiny bottles of "Chance" to get me through a trek in the Sahara smelling sweet as ever.

My world seems to be filled with perfume at the moment, on which of course I'm thriving. My mum also bought me the special Tommy Hilfiger Dreaming travel set, which included a massive bottle of EDP, along with a shower gel and body cream. Exciting. Add that to the Chanel, and the trusty bottle of Japanese Cherry Blossom fragrance from The Body Shop which is making all my clothes and towels smell amazing at the moment... and yeah, I've got something of a parfumery going on down here at 2/70. Mmmm.

Something ever so slightly unrelated: I'm addicted to Playfish's Geo Challenge on Facebook. I'm not even kidding. It entails identifying flags, countries by topography, cities on a map and then landmarks on a map. And as you can imagine, with my flair for otherwise useless geographical information, I'm kind of good at it. Currently, my best score is around 37,000 for the World Tour, and I'm ranked second in New Zealand for the USA Tour. Mind you, this is most likely because most New Zealanders claim to "hate America" and as such they probably have no interest in playing. Meh. Your loss, bitches. I love that game.

Eek, it's coming up to the end of June already! I can't believe! That means the year is half-gone, and I've curbed the following habits so far this year:
- V
- Lift Plus
- Wendy's Frosty Floats
- Fanta and L&P
- Cheeseburgers
- Red Licorice

Ideas for July are welcome. It's currently at a toss-up between chocolate, french fries and chicken burgers.

July also means:
- more winter. Boo!
- Theresa's 21st
- Danielle's birthday!
- FINA World Championships in Rome, Italy (and great perving-at-Kosuke Kitajima opportunities for me)
- no more $1 Les Mills visits

So I can't decide if I'm excited or null. Anyway, whatever happens it means we're closer to Tokyo being named as Olympic City for 2016, and the BAD RELIGION SHOW!


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