3 June 2009

The Hills Season Finale

Awww, it's finished.
Congratulations to Spencer and Heidi who finally got married (as Lo said during the ceremony, "third time's a charm, right?". But I have so many problems with the ceremony itself I do not know where to begin!

So, I'll start with the guest list. Why, oh why, Heidi, did you invite Lo? Audrina? Justin Bobby? I mean, come on. Justin BOBBY?! That guy is not only an insignificant tool, but he did not shave or brush his hair for your wedding day. I just wouldn't tolerate that sort of disrespect if I had a massive fancy wedding like yours. He looked like a mountain lion, and it was fairly obvious he was only there to draw attention to himself. Yuk.
Have you EVER been friends with Lo? To be honest I don't really know why anyone is, because she's a vindictive and passive little brat, but I'm soooo confused as to why she was there.
Um, and Kristin Cavallari. WTF were you thinking? She tried to make your wedding day about her. Did you not see her, carrying on like she was a celebrity? Yuk.
Now, I'm sure she was not invited, but did you not just want to punch someone in the face when Stacie turned up? I can't believe the audacity of it. It's kind of testament to the company that your husband Spencer keeps that she is now dating one of his friends, but you would think... your wedding day? Good Lord.

I think a dress code may have been nice. Jayde, Brody's girlfriend, wore what looked like a yellow negligee, which I did not think was wedding appropriate attire. At all. And there were a few other notably short numbers. Okay, I get that the wedding was in Pasadena, and Pasadena is warm, but it's still a wedding! I have a feeling, Heidi, that you are going to look back in a few years and wish you'd told your friends to cover their butts.

And, not that we needed further proof that Stephanie Pratt is in fact the stupidest bitch on the face of the planet, but did the whole, Maid of Honour fiasco not seal this fact into our minds forever? She was simply awful, and behaved like a child when Heidi chose her sister to be Maid of Honour, and for the rest of the show (including at the rehearsal dinner! Have you no shame, Stephanie?!) she took not-so-secret glee in Holly's mistakes, and even went so far as to insult Heidi's choice of jewelery on her wedding day. Wow, grow up. I wouldn't care who she was, I would not have that girl in my bridal party. Yuk.

That's about it in terms of things I hated about the Speidi Wedding. I thought it was cute how Heidi's dad wore his stetson to walk her down the aisle... this guy is cowboy hard. Wasn't a huge fan of Heidi's dress, but meh, she liked it. LOVED how Lauren came. Awww. I love Lauren.

That cake is like, the same size as me.

Rumour has it that Kristin will become a regular on the show now. Yuk! I dislike Kristin and her weird mouth. Sooo as far as I'm concerned, The Hills is finished forever. *sob*

What will I do?!

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