25 June 2009

Germs Of Perfection

This month, at Les Mills...

Sounds like a bit of me. Currently, I'm a member of the gym at the University of Auckland, which is a nice enough facility, packed with gorgeous Asian boys, but as you can see from this map, it's not exactly... handy.

Les Mills Takapuna however, is far closer, and has way more classes that appeal to my needs (that's Spin/RPM, in case you were wondering). I didn't see as many Asians as I would have liked tonight while I was on my wee tour, but I'm sure this weekend it'll be just like Shanghai. The rest of the gym, unsurprisingly seems a lot more impressive than the Uni gym, too. I'm very happy.

When I arrived tonight, I saw what may be my prototype of the perfect body, on this girl who was leaving. She was blonde (damn her!) with like, an apple butt, even calves (damn her again)... and yeah, she was just hot. Do I sound gay? Probably, but I'd just like to clarify that I'm not.

Anyway, I booked in for RPM tomorrow morning (there's 40 bikes in their class, compared with 16 at the University of Waikato gym, and 26 at Auckland), a class which I've been averaging three a day during my stay in Hamilton... so I'm pretty excited. I've also got four days afterwards to sample their cardio theatre, free weights, swiss ball and stretch area, and about a billion different classes which range from Pump and Balance (which is a hybrid sort of class of yoga and pilates) to BodyVive (I don't even know what that is).

Is it sad to be this excited about a gym?

Peace, love and apple butts...

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