11 June 2009

I Had NO Idea That Song Was Called "Objection"!

I've spent my life thinking it was "Obsession", which may explain why it took me like, three years to find it on LimeWire.

Yep, I listen to Shakira. I'm still hardcore.

And since the first time I watched the Paparazzi video this morning, I'm fairly certain that I'm responsible for about 300 of the 1.3 million views it's racked up in the last week. Hmm, damn you Sophie!

So there's that, and then there's the Nike LunarTrainer which apparently Shalane Flanagan trains in. Now, I don't believe that for one moment, but I have to admit I want these shoes anyway. Not in the colour displayed on the website, because that is hideous. However, this very pair of shoes was spotted in Platinum Christchurch in the weekend, in a much more agreeable colour. Tempting.

That's Shalane. In case you were wondering.

And here's a particularly artistic portrait of Thom from 48 Hours, courtesy of Luke. I don't think there is such thing as too many photos of Thom posing suggestively.

In the last couple of weeks I've secured contents insurance, mainly so if my bikes get stolen, I don't have to become a stripper to buy new ones. Problem is, now I'm secretly hoping the Safire DOES get stolen, so I can replace it with one of these.

Mmm, yes. That's a 2009 Specialized Era Expert. It's more of a racy model than the Safire, less travel (because, let's be honest, I am so not airborne enough to use the entire 120mm I currently have), and I must say, a cooler colour. People tell me red goes faster, but I'm not convinced. Cabin after all won Karapoti on a green bike, and I'm sure you don't remember that old Nike campaign, "I run faster in my favourite colour". Is blue my favourite colour? Hmm, I'm not sure. Blue nail polish is my not-so-secret one true love, and my blue swimming cap is my most preferred head adornment while swimming. I tend to say yellow is my favourite colour, but to be fair I think that's just because that's what colour jersey you get for winning the Tour de France. And like, does anyone run faster in yellow? Except for Usain Bolt maybe... hey, he might be onto something there.

Wow, okay that was a little more rambly than I'm used to. Point is, who wants a purple bike? Blue is mean. And I want that one! I guess we'll see next year when the 2010 models come out and they're purple, though. Anyway, I will be pretty gutted if you do steal my bike in the time being, so please don't. Thanks...

Speaking of Specialized, I still haven't got that saddle I've been crowing about for the last eighteen months. I'll refrain from posting a photo, because I think I've already put like, 1500 photos up today, but it's a Ruby 143, which is cheaper in Christchurch than it is here. Hmm. I actually hate my current road saddle with the fiery passion of one thousand suns, so it seems to me that it's a fairly pressing issue that I get this one. I'm not even kidding, my current saddle makes me want to die. 

That said, I cannot freakin WAIT to get back on my bikes tomorrow, because I'm pretty much better from my illness. It only took three days of solid laying in bed wanting to die! Yuss. Sure, I'm still certain I'm going to cough up a rib by the end of the night, but that's just the tail end of it.

Final picture, I promise. It's from the recent DH World Cup at Fort William in Scotland, where my countryman Sam Blenkinsop placed 4th (and is 6th overall in the rankings this season. Yeehaw).

And that's it. Kiss my airs, bitches. xoxo

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