16 June 2009

Feeling Good

Well, relatively good anyway. Considering that this time last week I was pretty much unable to move out of my bed because I was so sick, I'm pretty happy that since 11am yesterday I have completed five training sessions. Yuss! I LOVE TRAINING!

I'm in Hamilton, on slow internet, which explains my lack of updates since my ex-beau's birthday. I'm sure you haven't missed me too much.

People having way more fun than me: Nic and Cabin. They're a couple of days into their Canadian/American/European adventure, in Whistler BC. Living out my dreams. So while I'd like to be jealous... they're my favourites, soooo I can't be. Nic's first event is this weekend (June 21) in Canmore AB so you can be sure to hear how she goes... either straight from the source or from me.
umm, wtf? is that SNOW?!

Tomorrow night: Big Wednesday. Yes, this has been mentioned before. But this time it's a "historical jackpot" in which you win two cars (a Porsche and an Audi), a boat, an American Express card with $250,000 credit, a holiday home, $50,000 luxury travel. Oh, and $25 million in cash. Dude, I could pay off like, ALL of my friends' student loans (and Donny's. If he'll let me), Rex's mortgage, donate $5 million to cancer research, and still be able to afford to live in Japan for the rest of my life. Yeah, not that I've convinced myself I'm going to win or anything...

So yeah, I'm totally winning.

In a way-too-active-and-outdoorsy-for-my-liking Facebook post from Danielle (could that get any more contradictory?! Not the fact that it's Danielle... the fact that it's all outdoorsy and on Facebook.) she suggests that we do a FIVE-DAY TRAMP. In July. Hmm...

July is, for you Northern Hemisphere dwellers, the middle of the New Zealand winter. And Danielle lives in Greymouth. It's cold there, guys! And she wants to go TRAMPING? And cycling, and other crazy outdoorsy things normally reserved for like, mountain men and descendants of Sir Edmund Hillary.

Sounds like fun. Now I just have to find me some tramping boots...

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