26 June 2009

The Ano Index

It's finally been proven by science that girls don't care if guys are fat, but guys only want hot girls.

Yes, kids... say what you will about "normal-sized" people, but it's just NOT true. Unless of course, the man in question is a morphophiliac with a particular inclination towards... the larger woman. And let's face it... they're a dying breed.

Not that I'm complaining. I love skinny, as you may know if you've known me longer than five minutes (the average time it takes me to launch into pro-eating disorder banter from conversation initiation). I'm also stoked that recently I've skinnied down to the extent where I get asked if I'm "ano", if I eat, and various other skinny-related compliments.

I've since started something of an international incident on Facebook about anorexia.

Now Becky's claiming she's "not going to stop until someone can play the piano on my ribs".

Let's just clarify. There's a fine line between what me and the Beck are doing, and anorexia. I'll admit we are borderline eating disorder sufferers, but to be fair - she's a mother, and I'm a triathlete. We do eat. Not a lot, maybe even not enough, but I'm still functioning enough to kick your ass in the pool, so shut your damn mouth.

I'm not going to be "normal-sized" or "plus-size" if it stops me getting a quality partner. Flaaaag that. Skinny is in, girls.

Peace, love and ribs...


  1. Well, it's not exactly new - guys have been preferring their women DEAD since way back in Snow White. Personally, I'd far rather be alive with a vibrator than dead with a troll.

    But hey, maybe if some people manage to starve themselves out of the gene pool...

  2. Yes, yes we have known for ages... this was more about the fact that it's now "proven by science".

    I don't know that I can agree with your vibrator stance though.