5 June 2009

Siamese Dream

In which I won a train ticket from Toronto to Montreal for an as yet unknown reason.

Do you have those dreams where you recall, in excruciating detail, the bits that don't have any real bearing on the dream itself? I do. There was that dream I had, days before I moved to Auckland (and the day before I learnt Donny had skipped off to India) which featured that woman off Medium. As you probably don't recall, she was drugging people. The reason for which was never revealed in my sleep, which just made it all the more annoying. How come I had to lose my teeth? Not happy.

Damn you and your teeth-stealing ways

Last night, I was... somewhere. Possibly in light of Sara's recent winning of a trip to Sydney for herself and Nadia, I won a train ticket from Toronto (which, presumably in my dream was my usual place of domicile) to Montreal, to attend an event of some shape or form. What it was, or why I won, I do not know. But for the remainder of my sleep I was running around in what seemed to be a strange hybrid of Ruakaka and Newmarket.

Uggggh. My brain is so fried.

48Hours wildcard winners were announced last night and I'm very disappointed to report that the Puddle Finishing School was not awarded one. I'm very interested to see how the judging at the national final pans out. For New Zealand readers, you can watch selected films on C4 for the next week or two. Schedule as follows:

Mon 8 - Fri 13 - Random Selection
Mon 15 & Tue 16 - Random Selection
Wed June 17 - City Winners (Ham, Gisb, Dndn)
Thur June 18 - City Winners (Chch, Wgtn, AK)
Fri June 19 - Wildcard Night
Sat June 20 - Grand Final Awards Show.. 
Awards presented, clips shown and Grand Champion 2009 announced and screened.

So it's at 11pm, but come on people. Play the game!! I'm staying up, so I think you should too.

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