25 July 2009

Uh Oh

I had an early, Facebook- and Twitter-less night last night and rose early to go training this morning. Before leaving my place, I checked the results from stage 19 of Le Tour, but that was all and I was off on my merry way - for two hours of swim practice and an hour of spinning indoors.

Seems not leaving my TweetDeck to run overnight was a pretty crap idea - as it's now 5:35pm (and I've had a two-hour ride on top of the aforementioned training) and I've just learnt that Taylor got a bit smashed up at the Cascade Classic in Bend, Oregon. Which is not the best news I've had all day.


I think the worst thing about this picture is the fact that the road is littered with a body, some bike parts, sunglasses, and drink bottles... and a paparazzo. Really, dude? You couldn't like, help out or something?

Anyway he's since been Twittering and Facebooking to his heart's content from his hospital bed, so we can assume that the slayer will be back in action shortly. Yay.

Another favourite, this time Le Tour rider Christian Vande Velde was in a crash involving a motorbike. Good shit. Not only do these motorbikes kill spectators, they ride into my favourite guy. Not happy! Christian however, has been Twittering away too, and says he's good to haul himself up Ventoux tomorrow. What a tough guy. I wouldn't ride up that and I haven't crashed my bike since January.

It's comforting to know I compete in the world's safest sport...

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