2 July 2009


Yesterday I posted this face chart from MAC.

Today, after having my uniform for Worlds fitted (!!!) I went into MAC to check out the shades. Turns out "Sketch" - the colour which appears a rather vivid pink on the chart - is a colour not too dissimilar from "Brazilian Brown", a highly boring shade found in the SRA standard issue palette. So really not that exciting. I'm disappointed, people! I may end up sporting poo brown smoky eyes this weekend. Not exactly what I had in mind.

Levi Leipheimer is organising a bike race - Levi's Gran Fondo. It adds to the excitement that is October, as it's held October 3rd. Anyway, today he released these sweet jerseys for the event. Only 500 are being made... and I want one soooo bad. I just can't afford it, you know?

Anyway, Levi, they're mean. And you're cool.

Peace, love and poo brown eye makeup...

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