6 July 2009

Flag Big Wednesday. Marry A Golfer.

Danny Lee, the Korean-born New Zealand golfer who is gaining a reputation here for not only being good at whacking balls with sticks, but also for being a bit of a jerk-off, won like NZ$9 million today at the AT&T National in Washington today. For a while now, I've considered marrying this guy. You know, since I'm pretty certain he's interested in me *cough*.

I've heard stories about him, like the time he made "inappropriate comments" about the contents of his bag at airport security (okay, when has that ever been funny?), and various other schoolboy mistakes. The general consensus is that he's a bit of a cock. But to be honest, I don't really care. He's Asian, has been seen sporting blonde hair, and he has SO much money. Like, enough to buy me a palace in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. Keeeeeen.

And in three years, when he's cheated on me with every golf groupie under the sun, I can divorce his ass, take half his money, and live out the remainder of my life in opulent fashion.

So he's a little bit young (18 to my 23). But isn't being a cougar all the rage now?

Considering the odds of winning Lotto are not unlike being able to guess a stranger's landline phone number (wtf?! Who came up with that comparison?), I like my chances at marrying Danny a little better.

Call me.

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