3 July 2009

It's Now Socially Acceptable To Do Cocaine

And for that reason, presumably, QuickStep's Tom Boonen has been allowed to race in this year's Tour de France, which starts tomorrow in Monaco.

The Belgian Boonen was disqualified in April of this year for using the drug (which one wonders what a cyclist is doing taking anyway...) for the THIRD time in his career. Um, I don't know, but in Hollywood, that's like, enough to be sent to rehab.

Tom is sponsored by my favourite bicycle company, Specialized - which actually makes me a little gutted. Why are they supporting a guy with a drug habit, and NOT ME?! If I hadn't already decided on that Argon 18 model as my next ride... I have now!

Anyway, I guess this is another place where cycling loses fans. Athletes like Lance who test negative to any sort of drug, several times a DAY, get their good names dragged through the mud, while guys like Tom snort it up in the weekends but are firstly allowed to have their positive tests covered up, then when the truth comes out, are still allowed to race in cycling's biggest race?


And what are your thoughts on this, Taylor Phinney?


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