13 July 2009

Jigger's Day Off

I had my first day off training since being selected for Worlds today.

... No, that doesn't mean I did nothing at all. I did a spin class at 6am, and light weights at lunchtime (mainly to talent-spot in the weights room). But the rest of the day I spent lolling about indoors in the sun (because seriously, outdoors is just not the go in July, guys).

A highlight: my new Specialized Ruby 143 saddle, which I had fitted this afternoon at Cycology in Hamilton. YAY! Finally I can ride my bike again without wanting to die.

A not-so-highlight: being told by former workmate, Malcolm, that my boobs are big. Um, DUH. We know this! He also mentioned I should "consider wearing less" (less than today? Come on, man. I was wearing a singlet!) to the gym. Loooove inappropriate guys.

Anyway, here's a particularly pretty photo of some girl. She's off Harry Potter, apparently (I wouldn't know... the last time I watched that movie I was in bed with Curtis, soooo you can probably imagine I didn't exactly watch it).

Babe-a-licious, yes? I think so, anyway.

You have to excuse the below-averageness of this post. I'm feeling rather unproductive. Tomorrow's going to be all go again. Training sure keeps me occupied.

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