5 July 2009

Right On Time

... Or three hours late. The latter of which is what we were to Theresa's 21st birthday party tonight. I know. We're great friends.

It was always going to be a day pushed for time - with a spin class in Auckland at 10:15am, followed by a mad dash to get back to Hamilton in time for lunch with Harjeet at 1pm, and a 3pm swim with Sally to cap off the day's activities before getting ready for the big night.

Of course, nothing went to plan. The spin class finished 15 minutes later than expected, crazy and unexpected traffic on parts of the Southern motorway, Harjeet's inclination to run on Bombay time (she arrived at 1:50pm). Not that I expected much more, but it took Sally and I twice as long to swim half as far as I normally do in a training session. So we ended up getting home at around 5pm.

Theresa's party started at 5pm. Not that we, being the idiots we are, knew this. I assumed 7pm would be an acceptable time to turn up, so we aimed for that. However, somewhere along the line it was raised that my little brother Karl also needed a ride (as extended to Sal in a text "so how are we getting there?") which of course, added another hour to our journey. So we arrived, heads hung in shame, at 8pm.

This is why I live out life as an individual, guys! You can NEVER rely on anyone for anything. I mean, yeah I probably could have found out before 4:55pm that the party started at 5pm... but honestly? Harjeet was so late I considered leaving, the swim was completely pointless and would have been better completed alone, and I probably wouldn't have been in such a dark mood all night if I hadn't had to listen to my brother's bitter rants in the car, followed by his insulting my driving, all the way there.

With all that said, of course Theresa's party was great! I loved it, she looked great (as she always does) and there was much fun and revelry to be had be all. I'm kind of gutted that we had to leave early (my brother wanted a ride somewhere else...) but we did have an amazing night and I know that everyone else there did too! So yaaay for Theresa! Happy 21st, congratulations... I love you. xoxo

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