21 July 2009

Drastic Actions

Today: day off #2.

I tried really hard to make this a "real" day off. Okay, not that hard, it's not like I woke up of my own accord at 5:20am and went for a run, but you know. The gym is the centre of my social life. At 5:45am, I have people to see.

Anyway, AFTER that I tried to not do anything. I even went to the mall (first time since the naked man incident) and found it very boring. The OPI stand didn't have the colour I wanted. My hairdresser was just a little too chipper for my liking. And the range of birthday cards (Danielle's is this Friday) was not up to standard.

I came home, sat around making pointless comments on Twitter, Facebook, and any other social networking sites I am a member of. And then I got my bike out.

Yeah, yeah - it's my day off. Do I really need to ride my bike? Well, turns out the answer is yes, and I think this raises a new question: Do I really need a day off?

I train for seven days on, one day off. You would think, that when you fit four training sessions into each day and by 9am each day have completed more exercise than most mortal souls do in a week, that by day seven, you don't need to do anything. But this simply isn't the case!

And while I know an occasional day off IS in fact necessary (I shudder to think of the repurcussions at Worlds if I practice every single day between now and then without taking a break), they're pretty hard to swallow.

I have twelve hours before my next session begins and I'm anxiously counting down. I think from now on the formula is going to be as follows: train until exhaustion. Then have a half-day off, drink a protein shake, and get back out there.

Bring on tomorrow morning.

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