1 July 2009

Bastille My Heart

It's now just three days until my girl Theresa's 21st birthday party! I'm so excited. It's due to be something of a Rovers reunion (Rovers is, for the uninitiated, our old swimming club) and promises to be good times all around! Theresa is, after all, one of the coolest people in my life. I can't wait to celebrate with her.

To that end, I've been grappling over which look I'll be sporting for the party. Given that I'm on makeup duty for quite a few of my friends for the night, everyone is going to be looking pretty much stunning - and that leaves me with quite a task if I'm to outdo them all. Which is always the goal. Always.

I stole the following looks from MAC, and your feedback is welcome.

This wee number is a colourful take on a smoky eye, and one I rather like. While I usually steer clear of purple eye makeup (being blue-eyed... it just doesnt come off the same as if you're brown- or green-eyed) I have in the past successfully pulled it off, so this look is still being considered. I'll probably just go for a neutral or Benetint'd lip with some bronzer to finish it off.

I'm drawn to this look mainly because it's different: the use of blush on the upper apples and temples is not something you see often, and might be difficult to pull off. Not sure how keen I am on the super-gloss lip, something I'll probably tone down, should I choose to go with this one. I love the chunky appearance of the lashes, which will make quite a contrast to my oh-so-formal dress.

This is all kinds of Gaga! Probably a bit dramatic for my event, since it's to be something of a family occasion (and Theresa has sooo much family!) but I like it all the same. Hate the eyebrows, though. This eye would be teamed with a baby pink lip and pink blush on the apples of the cheeks. Just... not that versatile, yeah?

I've saved my favourite until last. It's about as dramatic as you can get without going all Cirque du Soleil! Of course, I have no intentions of stencilling roses onto my forehead - this would require a brow block, which is pretty much my most HATED thing to do ever in makeup. I just love the contrast of the black waterlines and pink, blended out to nothing. The super-pale lip is also something I love.

So, friends, what's it to be?

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