18 July 2009

Leipheimer Out... Le Tour Continues

I was gutted to receive a tweet from Levi Leipheimer last night reporting that he'd broken his wrist in a crash on stage twelve of Le Tour de France. Pretty badly, it seems - as he's needed surgery to have a 22mm screw placed in there somewhere. He managed to take photos while they were doing it, which was... gruesome. But anyway, it's a big loss for Astana, as Levi was in 4th place in the GC. They still have Contador (2) and Armstrong (3), and Levi's departure has meant Wiggins - from my team! - has moved into 4th, and my man Vande Velde now sits in 7th.

Not a happy camper.

I'm pretty sure today is the worst weather of all time ever, here in Bayswater. Seriously. I woke up at 5:30am due to incredibly loud winds and rain, and now I'm not really looking forward to the gym - this is because I have to park a half mile down Symonds Street and walk... it's never nice. And today is probably going to prove to be worse than normal. Can't wait!

And that's my day.

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