3 July 2009

Nail Polish Dilemma: Sorted

For any occasion which requires me leaving my bedroom (excluding training), there are a variety of aesthetic aspects that require attention.

Hair. Makeup. Dress. Shoes. Nails.

Hair? Sorted. Makeup? Semi-sorted. But I'm a makeup artist. I'll make it work. Dress? Sorted. Sure, I've worn it before, but sometimes when your name isn't Paris Hilton (more on her later), you have to make do with wearing the same dress twice. Shoes: Done. And Nails?! YES.

Last night, I was tossing up between a couple of shades from OPI (of course), so I sent out a smoke signal on Facebook as for ideas. Then Bex arrived.

"Beeeeeeexxxxxxx! Help meeeee!" and she did.

Before I share my chosen colour, let me introduce you to the nominees.

First: I'm Fondue Of You - from the France Collection. You may remember this is the colour I spilt all over our pastel green carpet in December last year. While it temporarily became my least favourite colour, it's since worked its way back into my heart.

Then, Japanese Rose Garden. While it's a colour I was intially drawn to based on the name, I do actually love the colour, and you know, it's pink. And pink is always a winner.

And finally, my alltime-favourite-that's-not-My Chihuahua Bites - We'll Always Have Paris. You just know that going for a dark shade is always class guaranteed.

It even looks sexy in the bottle!

So, what's the verdict? We've gone with Japanese Rose Garden, because we think it will really pop with the turquoise dress I'm wearing. So We'll Always Have Paris goes back on the shelf until next time: RUN Auckland Race Six. Yes, I do wear nail polish for races. I'm secretly Anne Audain at heart.

And Paris Hilton? Ew. Yesterday I saw a photo of her giving an unidentified male a blow job! GROSS. First of all, what the hell are there pictures online of such things for? Seriously?! And secondly, it's funny because she's such a liar she claims to never have done it! Hello?! Yuk. Get out of my life, Paris. Or better yet, get off the face of the Earth.

Peace, love, and gorgeous nails, yo.

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