17 July 2009

Mo' Money, Mo' Problems

... Slash NOT.

Today I received the most joyous news since, well... yesterday. I'm not only entitled to a tax refund of $81.50 (NZD, which, okay... isn't a lot, but it's a ticket to Starlight Express, which starts next Saturday night at Vector Arena), but the cheque is sitting next to me, right now!

The reason I'm not at the bank with a huge grin on my face cashing that bitch is because I'm finishing my drink before I go. Mmm, yes. I love money.

Only a few hours ago, whilst driving home to Bayswater, I was musing to myself - yes, I do that - about how fabulous it would be to buy some hot new workout kit. The slight hitch being I currently have a bank balance of $55.

Wow, okay so apparently I have a few more plans for this money than are actually viable... but that's okay. I'm allowed to be excited. All those boring hours spent on Facebook while working at Campus Computers are now paying off (I mean, they also paid off previously when I purchased my two bikes, which set me back about $10,000 all together. Or is it altogether?) and I'm feeling the need to burst into dance. It's a good thing I'm not wearing rollerskates.

Anyway, my drink is now gone, so I'm off to the bank.

Peace, love, and tax refunds, babes.

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