26 February 2009

x o x o... I watch too much television

On Saturday, Rex introduced me to the wonderful world of torrentz.com. Since then, I've downloaded and watched the ENTIRE season two of Gossip Girl. Most of this was done over the course of one day: Monday, when I was supposed to be at school.

On Monday I awoke with a suspected (albeit self-diagnosed) broken clavicle. As such, I wrote the day off to Gossip Girl. I began watching at around 9am, and moved only periodically to relieve the extreme pain I felt from the clavicle, until around 2pm, when I went to the doctor.

Later on, when it was confirmed that in fact I had no broken bones, I resumed my GG marathon, and continued until I had watched up to episode fifteen. When that was done, I went about downloading the remaining three episodes.

Due to other commitments (school, pfft), I've had to limit my viewing time to one episode daily. I finished tonight!

It's official, I'm in love with Chuck Bass.

Ah, yes. That weird face, those womanising ways... as Sara might say, "sounds like my kind of guy". Gotta say, I'm weirdly aroused by his creepy voice which never seems to exceed 10dB, the way he stands just a bit too close to whoever he's talking to, the way he loves Blair...

I'm also more than a little obsessed with Blair, but I think this is more to do with the fact that Chuck loves her than anything else. Like, how heartbreaking was it when Chuck came up in the elevator with those awful pink flowers and she shot him down?! I actually cried.

In my sick and twisted little mind, I managed to convince myself that his and Blair's relationship is kind of like mine and Donny's (grasping at straws, anyone?). As such, I have a renewed hope that it will be him, stinking of scotch, questionably dressed and incoherent, that will come crawling back. Yay!

In the meantime, I'm finding shows to download and watch compulsively until Donny turns up with some flowers (I'm hoping for gardenia. Keeping in the Indian swing of things). Any ideas?

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