19 February 2009

I can see your epidermis... that means skin, right?

This is why I LOVE SCIENCE:

February 10, 2009 (my birthday): I slipped over on our driveway and wound up with a leg that looks like this:

Due to the wonders of the human body, on February 17, 2009, my leg had been restored to almost new!

I've come to the conclusion that while of course repair is just a function of the human body, this particularly fast recovery was in part due to my high-Vitamin C diet (I'm not kidding. Have y'all seen the amount of tomatoes I get through? It's kind of scary) and... slightly pedantic exfoliation.

Does this kind of stuff just excite anyone as much as it does me?! The body is truly incredible...

Now I just want to study medicine even more than before.

Actually, word on that: when I was in Hamilton last weekend I found copies of "Gray's Anatomy" and "The Language of Medicine" on my bedside table in my old bedroom. A sign? Yeah, I thought so too.


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