6 February 2009

A Bad Patch

2009 is progressively getting worse. I blame it on Chris.

I had a successful 2008. There was my racing season, my highly-paid job, my savings account...

On December 19 I met Chris (as you will know if you're a regular reader), and it seems like since then everything started hurtling downhill at break-neck speed.

First of all, I had to work New Year's. I mean, we all know I'm the last person you'd find partying up on December 31st, but whatever. That's so not the point. I still remember the drive home like it was last night. Idiots everywhere. Me screaming. You get the idea. It wasn't pretty. It also wasn't the great start to 2009 I imagined.

It's now getting into mid-February and nothing has gotten better. There was the leaving-keys-in-Christchurch, the beesting, the getting-hit-by-a-car, losing my job that was January. Chris stopped calling me. I think he thinks I'm like, accident- or bad luck-prone. Then yesterday my bike got stolen. This morning, driving home angrily after trying to report it stolen to the Takapuna Police Station (which, in line with my good fortune thus far, was closed), I got pulled over by a cop - outside Chris' house, no less - and fined for not wearing my seatbelt.
"Why isn't the police station open!?" I demanded as he filled out my name and details on an infringement notice. He advised me that I would have to go to the station on Constellation Drive. Was he joking? I'd just come from there!! Needless to say, I was not impressed.

I arrived home, grim as ever, to find Sam packing his dad's van. Yeah, he's really going. I joined in the fun, packing my own car and then leaving before he could. I drove to Rotorua, which is where I am right now. I came via Hamilton, visited my mum and dad, and my dog. Tomorrow, the plan is to have an early morning dip in Blue Lake, ride around Lake Rotorua, wonder around in Whakarewarewa, go for another ride, chill out some more. Sunday's itinerary looks much the same.

I'm hoping my footloose, fancy- and makeup-free weekend will be the start of a phase of normalcy in my life. I'm through with guys that text me but don't want to sleep with me, people that steal my bike, shoes that hurt my feet. Things are going to get better.

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