23 February 2009

Gimme More... Makeup?!

Sigh... I sometimes like to fool myself into thinking that I have all the makeup I want. Not so.

This is Smashbox's Muse Collection. Swoon!!

I've said before that I'm not a huge Smashbox fan. I now confess that I've been converted, largely due to my devotion to Halo Powder. Oh, and that Bionic Mascara stuff...

Speaking of which, Bionic Mascara is part of the Muse Collection. Except instead of black, it's "hot black violet", whatever that means. I'm hooked. I love the word violet. AND I love purple, so it's pretty much already gone down a treat in my little world.

Oh, you didn't know I liked purple? Uh, yeah...

Onward. There's the palette of eyeshadow that looks like a paint palette! Awww. Not usually a palette fan... they seem kind of tacky to me. But this one is cute! And the colours are mostly acceptable. I'm not sure what the brush is like, but to my knowledge Smashbox usually make okay brushes. Then there's the box of eye pencils which more accurately resemble coloured pencils - albeit somewhat oddly coloured, but whatever. Ahh, I love everything about this so far!!

Lastly, (okay, not actually lastly but the Hybrid Primer and Blush are largely unremarkable from what I can see) is the gorgeous lip gloss paint tubes. They look like... tubes of paint! So cute. Kind of... questionable shades ("Luminary" - Creamy Nude, "Artiste" - Creamy Berry, and "Virtuoso" - Creamy Pink) but versatile if not fashion-savvy. I'm more taken by the names than anything, but don't take my word for it!

Am I actually going to buy any of this range? Yeah, probably. I'm quite taken by the new shade of mascara (and considering I swear by black as a general rule of thumb, it's a big move) and that eyeshadow palette is just way too cute. It's like that time Smashbox teamed up with Tokidoki and made the cutest range EVER, except this time I'm going to get in on it as we now have Smashbox in the Land of the Long White. Yeehaw.

More on that later...

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