5 February 2009

Weekend Wars

Expect blog titles for the next two weeks to be MGMT-inspired, due to Sam just putting the album onto my iTunes. Yay!

Anyway, a few things:

#1: the weekend! It's Thursday, but tomorrow is Waitangi Day, so I'm heading to Rotorua for a few days to get away from people. I had almost decided to race Kinloch, but I can't justify spending $90 to finish mid-pack, so Rotorua it is. Plus, at Rotorua I can ride both bikes, swim, run, sleep and chill. Perfect. Either way, it means I'm out of the house when Sam moves out and the new guy moves in. (Just because it's only going to end in tears.)

#2: a big "fuck you" to whoever it was who stole my Jamis from Scene Three today. Seriously! I leave my bike there while I'm at school sometimes, but apparently today is not my day, as when Grace and I arrived, my bike was gone. So fuck you, I had to walk to the ferry terminal and then home in my uncomfortable shoes. Don't you know I have CP? I'm designed to ride, not walk! Needless to say, I'm rather upset about it all, and had Wendy's for dinner. Mmm, cheese fries.

#3: my birthday is coming up. I'm not telling anyone (unless you count Sam) when it is, because then I'll get a bunch of stupid wall posts on Facebook saying "happy birthday". And no-one wants that. What I do want for my birthday is a quiet dinner in the back of Iguana with Donny. And for no-one to ever find out. I can dream, hey?

#4: the latest email from Sephora reads like a Christmas list for me and my friends.
Bliss Best of Skintentions Daily Moisturizer (like my spelling?) for me. I heart Bliss.
Philosophy A Diet You Can Live With kit for Emma. Um, Creme Brulee Shower Gel? It's got her name written all over it.
Sephora Brand Nectar Shine Hydrating Care Lipgloss SPF 8 for Nicola. The closet klepto can now afford lipgloss all of her own! Haha.
Marc Jacobs Daisy Limited Edition Bottle for Grace. Expensive but a little bit quirky, just like the Gracenburger herself. Isn't that right, my little friend?
Stila Barbie Loves Stila Paint Can - 1971 Malibu Doll for Brigette. Yeah, so she's more into Marilyn Monroe these days, but I know Brig is still a Barbie girl at heart.
For my mum: Benefit Girls Night In!! AND Tarte ReCreate Anti-Aging Foundation with Wrinkle Rewind Technology SPF 15. Even though my mum knows that such a thing as anti-aging foundation doesn't work, she's still a sucker for good advertising.
Issey Miyake Drop of A Cloud for Nyenyezi. She's African. Anything smells good on her.

#5: I'm tired. Which doesn't happen often. Recently I've actually been falling asleep BEFORE 2am and waking up AFTER 7am. Miracle.

To that end, good night.

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