9 February 2009

She's A Sensation

"14. In Athens, an American cyclist named Katie Compton gave me her LiveStrong bracelet because I didn’t have one. Even though it snapped a few days later, I still have it and still think she was the coolest person there."

Frequent visitors to The Elegant Mainstream might recall this from my "25 Reasons You Know You're A Loser". Okay, so it wasn't actually called that, but anyway, I have some great news about Katie for y'all.

At the UCI Cyclo-Cross World Championships in Hoogerheide, The Netherlands last weekend, Katie raced for the United States in the elite women's race and won bronze!! What a star. Since 2004, when her tandem cycling partner, Karissa Whitsell (the pair won two silver and two gold medals at the Paralympics in Athens) decided to "try a new partner" - Mackenzie Woodring, Katie has been competing in her original sport of cyclo-cross, and doing incredibly well. She's won five national titles, and last year won the silver medal at Worlds. Last weekend she was third in a sprint finish with Marianne Vos (cycling enthusiasts will know her as an Olympian and elite rider in several disciplines) and Hanka Kupfernagel.

If you don't already know, cyclo-cross is one of cycling's toughest disciplines, where competitors ride adpated road bikes on mountain bike trails, in the winter. Like, in the snow and stuff. She's a tough cookie, alright.

Ridin' dirty: Katie carving up the Sea Otter Classic
in Monterey, California

I found some sweet videos of Katie on youtube.com and I hope y'all will watch them.



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