14 February 2009

Of Moons, Birds & Monsters*

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It's Friday the 13th, so let's recap my past two weeks:

Thursday, February 5th, Downtown Auckland: My bike got stolen. Whoever you are, karma burns.
Friday, February 6th, Bayswater: I was issued with an infringement notice for not wearing a seatbelt. Ironically it was on the way home from the Police station.
Sunday, February 8th, Kinloch: I lost my transponder during the swim of the New Zealand Sprint Triathlon Championships and was subsequently disqualified. An upshot was that I actually completed the race 9 minutes faster than last year. Not bad for a "I think I'll race" night-before effort.
Tuesday, February 10th (my birthday): I didn't hear from Donny. I fell over while fetching the mail, which has put a hold on most of my training efforts this week.
Wednesday, February 11th, Downtown Auckland: My car got towed! I wouldn't have to drive if someone hadn't stolen my bike. Granted, I didn't have to park at Foodtown, but whatever. I hate my life.

Today, I thought it best to stay out of harm's way inside at 2/70. Strangely, I literally slept for the entire day. Maybe I needed it. I ventured out this evening for Sam's leaving drinks, which turned out to be a successful outing. Damish, who I last saw at his 21st in 2002, appeared in a bizarre twist of events. Readers who knew me at age fourteen will know that for a while I had a highly inappropriate crush on Damish. Anyway, I was pretty much hysterical for the rest of the night and as such my cheeks are sore now!!

I met two lovely young ladies tonight who I'm glad exist. Sound weird? Well, yeah. Something I have a huge problem with - although I don't exactly publicise it - is the fact that in my life I find it very hard to find respectable women to look up to in terms of career and education. My sister is nice, but she's a receptionist in a hospital, which isn't the most stimulating job I can think of. Steph (stephanietaylorworlddomination.blogspot.com) was like a ray of light for me - someone who went from high school, through college, and who now has a pretty cool job. Add to that the fact that she's so good at it that her employers are holding the position for her until she returns from her year abroad. Oh, that's another thing. She's gone off to Germany to conquer the world. Steph is awesome.

I met Sarah tonight, who works at Beca with Sam and Rex, and was quite pleased to find another girl who has completed her education and now works as a chemical engineer. Almost incomprehensibly, she mentioned that guys never give her their numbers. I mean, I have this problem, but y'all know what I look like so you're probably not surprised. Sarah is GORGEOUS. I'm not even kidding. Her name has been mentioned in our house before ("oh, the hottie!") and her reputation didn't do her justice. Seriously, this girl was so pretty. It kind of reminds me of how nuts I still think Libby is for breaking up with Sam - who are these people who don't appreciate smart, talented and good-looking people? I'd be happy with ONE of those traits.

Later in the evening, Sarah happened to catch the eye of a girl she's gone to primary school with. She's now a doctor at Starship Children's Hospital. Get out of town. A DOCTOR? I want to be a doctor SO bad. After talking to this girl (Amelia) for a few minutes, I told her how much I admired her and her profession.
"If you want to do it, you can." she told me. "I love my job."

Sigh. If only.

So Friday the 13th was a good day for me. Tomorrow is Valentine's Day, which promises to be less successful, assuming here that success on this particular day comes in the form of appreciation from your true love. Oh, well.

I'm putting my energies to better use by swimming in honour of Richard Quick, the former coach of women's swimming at Stanford University. He is literally a living legend in the swimming world, who was diagnosed last year with inoperable brain cancer. You'd be hard-pressed to find someone who has contributed as much to the sport of swimming as Richard has, and so to that end, across the United States tomorrow, clubs will be dedicating their training to "Swim Quick". I'm all for supporting the cause, so tomorrow, I'm doing it for Richard.

I hope you'll join me, if not in the pool then in spirit.

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