3 February 2009


It seems like everyone I know is falling off the face of the Earth.

Yeah, so y'all know that Steph left on January 23 (and since then Rex has been, almost incomprehensibly, on the hunt for a new girlfriend), and that Sam is leaving soon, but there's also two other imminent departures: Steve and Nayuha.

Nayuha, who is the coolest and blondest guy to ever come out of Japan, is heading home.

Lovers in Japan? Maybe...

Fair enough. I'm still not sure why he ever came here, but I'm glad he did because he actually made my life awesome. And that's saying a lot, given that he came into it in 2006, which was my worst year on record. Still, there's a ray of light in my mind that says things are going to work out just fine, and I'm not going to have to spend the rest of my days reminiscing about the time Nayuha told me to "please, take your feet out of your bag. You're embarrassing me." Either he'll take me with him on his Tokyo-bound flight on February 19, or I'll head there next year in October, to become a student of the University of Kyoto. Yeah, it's another plan that probably won't pan out, but I just have a feeling with Nayuha. He's not due to leave my life just yet.

Steve heads to Bolivia this Thursday. He's the mechanic I met while I worked at Esquires at the ferry terminal. Tonight he told me he only frequented the haunt because of the good-looking staff. He was referring to me. *blush*
But seriously, he's been a pretty mint friend. It's not often you actually text message someone who gives you their number while you're working, and keep in touch with them, but for whatever reason, we did, and I'm glad. Yeah, it kind of sucks that he's leaving, but at the same time - it's a pretty big deal for a guy whose only foray outside Aotearoa has been Australia, and an opportunity he'll be glad he took.

Since I can't get through a conversation, text message, or blog without mentioning Sam, I can now announce with genuine sadness that he's moving out of 2/70 this weekend. We get a new flatmate. It's kind of bittersweet (love those oxymorons, eh Donny?) because well, I adore Sam, and while I'm glad he's making 2009 his year, I'm kind of gutted at the same time that 2009 just happens to be the year that we live in the same house. I'm trying to be excited at the prospect of a new flatmate and potential friend, but I'm more upset because I lose one friend I only really just made. That said, this is about Sam and not me, so GO SAM for making a good life decision. Since he's superhuman, you just know he's going to make it work.

Without further ado, I wish all my travelling friends the BEST of my wishes, hopes and dreams. And happy birthday, Sam... sorry I didn't get you anything, I've only got $9.

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