1 March 2009


Yeah, another one.

I've mentioned before, my tendency to fall in love with peculiar boys. The most obvious example of this (although, in my defense, at the actual time that I fell in love with him, it was not in the least bit strange to anyone around us) is Donny, but there's been others: Curtis, Nayuha, Chris, another Chris...

One who's gone unmentioned so far is Tom Shao. This is due to the fact that Tom and my encounter lasted all of about fifteen seconds at the Luke Harrop Memorial Triathlon on Australia's Gold Coast last year. It was a year ago today (and this, coincidentally, is not the reason for my bringing it up), and when I say it lasted fifteen seconds, I'm not even kidding. During the run section of the race, about 4km in, I was heading back along the coastal footpath when a gorgeous young Asian thing ran up next to me, and matched my pace for a few steps. I glanced at him, smiled, and kept running along.
"The run sucks, hey?" he asked. Of course, I was gasping for air. It was, for the record, probably the worst run of my season.
"Haha, yeah. I hate running." Not true. But it was a fleeting moment. He picked up speed, and stayed a few metres ahead for the rest of the race. I never saw him past the finish line, but of course my stalking tendencies had kicked in once he was ahead of me, and I memorised his race number.

When the results surfaced, after checking mine, of course I searched for his number. Once I had his name, I then hunted him down on Facebook. I'm not even kidding! This is actually a standard thought process for me. Who knows what I thought I was going to do. Anyway, he was in the Australia network, so I joined the same network so I could look at his photos, see what his life was like. General stalkery (is that even a word?).

Fast forward a year, and today I found myself not swimming, biking and running up a storm on that course I so love, but enjoying an afternoon at Wendy's with Sandeeka and her friends, after we participated in the Cancer Society's Relay For Life. The topic of Indian men came up (as it invariably does with me, no matter who I'm speaking with), and Priya and Sandeeka started sifting through the available guys they knew who may interest me.

Sandee caught me off guard at one moment, with the question, "what kind of guys do you like?". You would think that this wouldn't be too difficult a question to answer, but I found myself stumped for what to say! My usual answer is "Indians", but I've come to realise this is solely because of Donny. At the same time, I've gone along in life not thinking about what I like, but who I like. Donny: another case in point. So I couldn't really answer her.

I guess I started thinking about Tom because he's another "random" (a word I hate to use) guy that I became, however fleetingly, obsessed with, with no real basis. I just kind of thought, "oh, that guy was nice for five seconds", and later on scoured his photos and wondered how I would fit in to his life. Think this story has a good ending? Nuh. Tonight, I re-joined the Australia network to have another look at him. I found this.


This kind of behaviour isn't normal!! And it's also probably why I don't know "what kind of boys" I like. I guess my only real, if not shallow, preference is that they're foreign?! I mean, you've got Donny (Indian), Tom (Chinese, presumably), Curtis (Chinese-Canadian), Nayuha (Japanese) and "the other" Chris (German). It's hardly a personality trait though, is it... I mean, being Japanese isn't going to keep me warm at night.

So... I'm no better off for having addressed the issue. I wonder if becoming a "serial dater" or even promiscuous would help me at all, but to be honest that kind of disgusts me, and I'm still holding a torch for Donny, thinking that if I save myself...

... Maybe he'll come back?

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