4 February 2009

That Thing

It's been floating around on Facebook, and I'm so short for anything decent to say that I'm posting it here too... Enjoy, yo.

1. I live in Auckland now, and I’m so glad. I don’t think I’d be this happy anywhere else in New Zealand.

2. I’m broke, but the other day paid $120 for a ticket to see Serj Tankian perform with the Auckland Philharmonia.

3. I develop inappropriate crushes on unusual boys, whose feelings almost never reciprocate… but the guys who like me are all dicks!

4. I’m openly ashamed about my lack of ability to speak Maori.

5. I always tell people I prefer being by myself, but most days I wait upstairs in my lounge and hope that Sara, Rex or Sam will come home early.

6. I hate every TV show that can be abbreviated: CSI, CSI: NY, CSI: Miami, NCIS, SVU…. Okay, you get the point.

7. I still dream about running with Miruts Yifter, and have done since before I knew who he was.

8. I’m going to my childhood best friend’s birthday drinks tonight. Until Friday I hadn’t seen her since 2003.

9. I think Billy Corgan is a god, even though I don’t find him particularly attractive or talented. Don’t even get me started on D’Arcy.

10. I truly believe the $350 I spent on my Garmin-Chipotle helmet was the best money ever spent. Since then I’ve been riding every day.

11. I love laughing in public by myself. Then I get embarrassed and text message the person I’m thinking about.

12. The Body Shop’s Pink Grapefruit Body Wash (or Pamplemousse Rose) is my absolute FAVOURITE. When I found huge bottles for $10 in their recent sale, I nearly died.

13. Until July of last year, I had never had a hangover. It was my superpower.

14. In Athens, an American cyclist named Katie Compton gave me her LiveStrong bracelet because I didn’t have one. Even though it snapped a few days later, I still have it and still think she was the coolest person there.

15. I’m still searching for the perfect mascara.

16. I wish I could stop talking…

17. Most nights I get upset because I didn’t do anything remarkable for society during the day. I then vow to do it the next day. Never happens.

18. To that end, I still want to go to medical school, just because I think being a doctor is the holy grail of professions.

19. I hate having people in my car. It makes me nervous, and it means I have to either turn my music down or turn it off.

20. I forget what people look like. I’m not even kidding, I can’t even remember what my best friend’s face looks like. Or my tutor’s, and I see her for like, eight hours every day.

21. My funeral is going to be invite-only. Just because I’ll never get a wedding… and also because I don’t want Noel Hardgraves-Booth turning up. Actually, I hope he dies before me.

22. People comment on my interests like they are a bad thing. I think the worse thing is that none of them care that spiders use hydraulic pressure to extend their limbs.

23. I love people who describe themselves as “open-minded”, for the simple fact that they rarely are. People are awesome.

24. I’m always the first person at school, first to have my work done, and I’m here every day, even though I hate it and have no interest in being involved in the makeup industry past April 17.

25. I’m not sick of talking about myself yet.

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