13 February 2009

Graphics Piss Me Off

I can't work out why, every time I make a new graphic it doesn't fit! Why?!?! I use exactly the same method as I used to, the exact same Ai artboard, but for whatever reason, when I upload the image, it doesn't want to play ball. It's not fair!

Anyway, I like the pictures on this one so I'm leaving it.

From left to right...

Ksenia Semenova, Russian gymnast performing a flip-flop on the beam during last year's Beijing Olympic Games(I like her. Can you tell?)
Garmin-Chipotle cyclists, headed up by Magnus Backstedt. Funnily enough, he's Swedish.
Serj Tankian, from the promotional poster for The Elect The Dead Symphony.
Kosuke Kitajima, Japanese breaststroke genius, world record holder, Olympic and world champion.
Gemma Ward, still a sucker for that alien face.
Plasma, the fourth stage of matter. Ooooh, science.
Lance Armstrong, seven- (soon to be eight?) times winner of the Tour de France, turning out this season for Astana.
A pretty, albeit waaay over the top eye from Sephora.com.

The fact that the header doesn't reach all the way along the screen on my laptop is already pissing me off, so don't expect this to last too long. Trouble is, my computer shut itself down this morning, quitting Ai (I was still using my 30-day trial, two months later) and leaving me with no means to create new ones. Boo.

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  1. interesting selection! i'm rubbish at graphics, so i get my clever friends to do it for me :) x