29 January 2009

It's nothing to write home about, but...

Today, me and Sian got offered work experience!!

At the Samala Robinson Academy, where I am a student, it's a big deal to get work experience. Especially as only two other people in our class have been offered it.

On Saturday morning, we are working as junior artists at August Models & Talent in Freemans Bay, which is SUPER DE DUPER EXCITING. Yeah, so I don't exactly want a career in this industry, but this is going to look so good on my resume...

Joining me and Sian this weekend will be Sara and Taylor, who are like, way better than us! Well, I don't know about that - but they've been at school longer, and Taylor is the genius behind my smoky eyed Facebook (and Blogspot) profile photo. It helps that I adore these girls. Saturday is shaping up to be a cracker!

9:15am: Call-up for August Models & Talent
1pm: Wrap
1:30pm: Miranda is styling my hair for Libby's 21st. Hopefully she can sort me out with a beehive, a la Amy Winehouse. Mind you, I have about a tenth of the hair that she has, so I may just end up with a scraggly ponytail.

I can keep my makeup kit up there!

3pm-ish: I hit up either MAC or Napoleon to get my makeup for Libby's done. The eyes are expected to turn out something like the below illustration, with a hot pink lip.

6pm-ish: I arrive in Hamilton, looking fabulous, and make my way to Libby's!

Okay, I just realised how sad I've become, not only mapping out my day, but publicising it on Blogspot. Oh, well.

In more exciting news, Sophie has announced the theme for her 21st: MTV. Clever. I'm going to go as "My Super Sweet Sixteen". Costume/makeup details to follow. Also that weekend: the Hamtown Smakdown - at which both my younger brother's band, and Donny's band are playing. Fun! But also bears the real potential of supreme awwwwwwkwardness. Eh. I'm a lover, not a fighter.

My face hurts!! I can't wait to graduate.

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