13 December 2009

What Is This? Paramore Day?

Wow, I am really not a fan of Paramore, ESPECIALLY when they are having a like, "It's Sunday morning! Let's play a whole bunch of Paramore songs in a row on the radio right now!" moment on the radio station, and the other options are U2 and John Mayer.

I'm having an unproductive weekend. Last night, rather than finishing the text I'm reading for my January Summer paper, I watched The Nanny Diaries. Have you seen it? It's utter crap, and I knew it as soon as I started watching. But I watched it anyway. It was that or like, Naked & Funny, which could in fact be the WORST show of all time ever.

Wow, I'm full of bitchiness this morning, aren't I?

Oh, here's something nice: Caroline Evers-Swindell, one half of New Zealand's favourite twin sisters, got married in Taupo yesterday. The Evers-Swindells (the other sister being Georgina) have twice won the Olympic women's double sculls race in rowing, along with a bunch of World titles. They retired earlier in the year, and Georgina got married. Yesterday it was Caroline's turn, and the twins joined a short line of New Zealand athletes who are settling down for the family life. Sarah Ulmer had a sly baby recently, too.

Is it wrong that I'm desperate to hear whether she triple-hyphenates her name to Caroline Evers-Swindell-Meyer? Fingers crossed.

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