27 December 2009

It's Official

December has become, despite early worries, the busiest month this year on *insert blog name here*. I can't really decide on an actual name! Ideas welcome (either here, or on my Facebook page, Aubrey!).

In the first few days of the month, I got a bit worried, because I really wanted 300 posts for the year, but my Christchurch life was proving to be quite un-newsworthy. Then I got obsessed with Kosuke Kitajima again (I mean really, I've been a little bit obsessed all along!) and splashed news of his life, and suddenly things got interesting. I won that award, got nominated for a Halberg, came back to Hamilton... and ruined my six weeks of hard work to get drama-free!

cho kimochi ii? Yeah, me too

And since then, the December pages have been littered with my Hamilton exploits, and I'm now at 48 posts - beating May! I've got no idea - past being really, really excited about 48 HOURS - why May was so busy. It's nothing compared to last December though, with 57 posts - makes me wonder what I actually did all month, except write!!

In other news, I've acquired a new scar on my right knee, courtesy of the side of my bed. It brings my total leg scar count up to... I have no idea. They're all kinda meshing into one giant blob of scar tissue. Mmm. I'm attractive.

Is... that a... Bar 101 stamp on my arm? Oh, wow. Time to grow up.

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