9 December 2009


I've had a great number of "favourites" from Lush in my time. At Christmas time, it's Snow Fairy. I go crazy for American Cream conditioner. Sweet Japanese Girl is my ultimate great skin cleanser, and I've been known to max out on Herbalism, and indulge in Cupcake face mask. Ceridwyn's Cauldron would have to be my favourite bathtime treat, closely followed by Waving Not Drowning, and Sakura. Yep, I'm a bigtime Lush addict.

But five years ago, when I first discovered the aromatic store in Northlands Mall, Christchurch, my original favourite product was Slammer shower gel. I bought about twenty bottles of it before it was, much to my heartache and dismay, discontinued. I mourned my favourite shower gel mercilessly, and eventually found solace in Sonic Death Monkey, Whoosh shower jelly, and in times of financial hardship, Johnson's.

Recently I took to following Lush on Twitter. You can do so here. Imagine my surprise and delight when a tweet popped up making mention of Slammer!

OMG! It's back?! I rejoiced.

Turns out, Lush have re-released some of their discontinued products under the "Retro Lush" line. It includes not only Slammer but Sonic Death Monkey, Freeze, Recon for hair, Hot Java bath ballistics, and more. Check it out!

With that, I welcome Slammer back into my world with open arms. Sure, I've had to ship it, via Norwich, from the UK for a pretty penny. But it is definitely more than worth it. I cannot WAIT to shower with that sweet sweet fragrance again.

I'm thrilled.

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