3 December 2009


Thanks, Threadless!

T J Zhang's masterpiece, "Blooming" has been reprinted! AND GUESS WHO GOT IN FAST ENOUGH TO BUY ONE!?

Yep. I did.

It's December, and I had the goal of posting 28 blogs this month so my year's total would get up to 300. Well, that now seems unlikely as so far, December has been highly uneventful (with the exception of the "Blooming" reprint, obviously). Unless I just talk crap every day for the rest of the month... Oh wait, that's what I do every other month.

Today it's Thom's birthday (which you may have gathered if a) you are Thom, b) you follow me on Twitter, c) you're a Facebook friend of mine or d) you read it on my blog yesterday. Or whenever I last mentioned it) and he is 22. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! (I've lost count of how many times I've said it now)

In light of the furore surrounding Tiger Woods and his alleged mistresses, Kirsty has jumped on the bandwagon, citing a Waikato Times newspaper front page headline from 2002 "Kirsty Wows Tiger". Of course, it actually made reference to Kirsty's superior golfing skills at the time (she held a 2 handicap in our younger days) but that hasn't stopped her posting it on Facebook and telling "you other bitches to eat your heart out!". Good.

Staying in the Waikato, in an unusual stroke of luck and good fortune, I've been named as a finalist for the Waikato Sportswoman Of The Year award. My competition is: Casey Williams (Silver Ferns captain), Clarissa Eshuis (Black Sticks team member, and the sister of Casey's lovely fiance, Wessel) and Sarah Jarvis (World Cup-level skier). You could say I don't like my chances, but that's an understatement. Where is World Championships semi-finalist Monique Williams? Or Silver Fern Laura Langman? I've perplexed as to how my one race stacks up against a Silver Ferns captaincy. But anyway, since I'm not going to be around for the awards evening itself, I've had to write an acceptance speech, on the odd chance that I do win. I say the odds are about 3.9 million to one.


My latest blog feature idea: The twelve days of a Miriam Christmas. In which I will add something each day to a list of gifts I would like from my true love (or other benefactors. I'm not expecting anything, bar maybe an abusive text message, from Donny this year). Roll on, December 12.

That's all for now, but expect plenty of blather in the next few weeks. I'm determined to hit 300.

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