12 December 2009

Tekau Mā Rua Rā

It's December 12! So, Taupo Half-Ironman and the first day of my twelve days of Christmas.

Sound like I'm counting down to Christmas? Na, not really. I'm just bored as hell.

Now, I guess the trick with this is that I have prioritise items in order of things I only want one of, right up to things I want twelve of. You've been led to believe that it's a partridge in a pear tree? Nuh-uh. Here in the Land of the Long White, it's a pukeko in a ponga tree. The idea of which is laughable to us folk, given that the pesky pukeko is a swamp-dwelling hen whose main purpose in life is to be chased by Silvie and I when we run around the lake in Hamilton.

Anyway, I think since I can only have one of whatever I choose for my first day of Christmas, I'm going to have to say... Donny.

*insert photo here*

For reasons of protecting his identity (yeah, he's not *actually* called Donny, as you may have guessed), I can't really go around posting photos of him on my blog until our wedding. Haha.

On an unrelated note, look at this ridiculous status message that Curtis posted yesterday. He is just such a booger.

Five days til home!!!

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