6 December 2009


Yes, Kosuke lives.

He's currently in Federal Way, Wash., (at a pool I've competed at!!!) at the US Short Course Nationals. I hate short course. ESPECIALLY American short course. Here in New Zealand, we have one short course meet of importance each year. In the US, the collegiate system is built around short course, YARDS racing. Yuk. Sure, it means that men's breaststroke races (like the one I just embedded, where Kosuke placed second) are over in 52 seconds, but it's still lame. In my Maryland days (2005), I trained at the Cecil County YMCA pool, which was yards. It was cool to be swimming like, 25 second 50m freestyle splits, but just not that realistic.

Anyway, I'm just excited that my second (or third? I can't remember) favourite Japanese guy is still in the water. Here's a weird photo from Beijing.

I just don't really know what to say about it. It supposedly came from heat seven of the 200m breaststroke at the Olympics, but there is a very strictly adhered-to rule in breaststroke that states you must remain on your front (or breast, if you will) at all times during the race. Why the guy on the left looks like he's about to swim some very technically incorrect freestyle, and Kosuke is not only at 45 degrees from his breast, but his ankles are almost crossed (another disqualification point) is just like, blowing my mind.

Moving on.

It's unfathomable, but in just twelve days (it's 1:30am Sunday, not 9:30pm Saturday as my time stamp will have you believe) I'll be home again, having completed my Summer programme. I can't wait! Never mind that before that, I have two exams, one worth 40% and one worth 20%. That's another story altogether.

Here's a favourite photo from the Beijing Olympics. I love the almost non-existent moment between turning to look at the clock and seeing your time.


I am so not going to get to 27 posts this month. I just have nothing to share.

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