28 December 2009

One Thousand Pictures Say A Word: Love

Simply because I know absolutely nothing is going to happen in my life for the next few days (at least), I'll start to sum up my year using photographs! Yay! Everyone likes photos.


Becky's 23rd birthday at Furnace (Jan. 16)

Visiting Sue, the world's largest T. rex (Jan. 13)

Libby's 21st (Jan. 31)


I wasted most of my spare time watching Gossip Girl

On my birthday, I slipped over on the driveway and ended up looking like this. (Feb. 10)

Lance Armstrong's bike got stolen from the Amgen Tour of California. It was later returned (Feb. 16)

I had a good race at the Sub Clevedon event. (Feb.21)


It just wouldn't have been March without Sophie's 21st birthday party!!!

There were so many great photos I had to collage them... tie for top night of 2009! (Mar. 7)

I attended the Elect The Dead Symphony at Auckland's Town Hall (Mar. 16)



I went and watched XTERRA, since I couldn't afford to compete (Apr. 18)

We graduated from the Samala Robinson Academy (Apr. 17)

48 HOURS FUUUURIOUS FILMMAKING and love (May 8/9/10)

June / July: pretty uneventful...



Filmmaking with Aucklanders on a rare day off from training (Aug. 1)



Competing at the ITU World Triathlon Championships (Sept. 12)

Shooting "Long Weekend" with the best people I know (last week of Sept)


Goodbye Benjamin

Celebrating Halloween the same way we celebrate everything: in style (Oct. 31)


All I did in Christchurch was eat

And, yeah - December is pretty much done, but I'll wait til New Year's Eve to post pictures... so far it's been pretty boring...

Peace, and much love!

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  1. hahaha. i hope you fall over on ur bday again. itll make my day.

    haha youll never know who posted this. muhahaha