29 December 2009

Cha Cha

Since I can't seem to get enough of Asian uneven bars specialists, here's Yong Hwa Cha.

The nineteen-year-old (turning 20 on January 8th) from Pyongyang, in North Korea, really should have medalled at this year's Worlds, save for a lost swing about four skills into her routine. I just love the above photo because if you don't study it too carefully, she looks almost casual. Of course, in reality she'll be in a world of pain - uneven bars hurts, guys. Trust me.

My favourite thing about Cha is that she does completely different skills to everyone else, making her performances really stand out. The small remaining intact part of my heart actually broke when she lost swing in the event final, relegating her to an eventual fifth (bronze medals were shared by Bulldog Bross and Ana Porgras).

She's at the upper end of the age spectrum for competitive gymnastics, which is a shame, but fingers crossed she'll have a hit out at Tokyo Worlds in 2011. I'm a fan of this girl.

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