30 December 2009

Nine So Fine?

In keeping with the spirits of going on about the year so far, here's a wee post dedicated to the cool people I loved (and continue to love!) in 2009.

In no particular order...

Luke Pharaoh
Genuine legend. I met Luka during the 48 HOURS of love weekend as he was part of our team, Radioactive Reptiles. His zest for life, love of abbreviations, sushi and Burgerfuel struck a note with me and he's become one of a small number of "faves". Of particular note: his "positive thinking" approach to life. It's something I still haven't really thanked him enough for, but I don't really know how well some of my less inspired training sessions before Worlds would have gone with Luke's little voice in my head reminding me that if you go into town thinking you're going to get a park, you'll get one. And so forth. Other things I love about Luke: the giant smile that separates him from every other drunken guy in town, and his bizarre tshirt collection.

Francesca Murray
Better known as Frankie of Swell Vintage - I am a huge fan. She's remarkably talented (check out her line of handmade vintage jewellery here), friendly, and of course, good-looking. Frankie might just be my favourite person I've never met - we Twitter at each other a lot, and I spent hours poring over her designs. Ah! So clever. 369 fans on Facebook can't be wrong! Another thing I adore about Frankie is the way she speaks - like she just walked out of the classiest decade ever. "Petal" is my personal favourite term of endearment. Ahh, I do love her.

Jhoon Law
Sure, so he told his girlfriend that he thinks I'm a retard and less of a person than him based on the fact that I have a disability, but I'm not going to lie: I would have been in a lot worse shape for Worlds if I didn't spend so much time at the gym swooning over him. God, I am so lame. Fact is, I managed to incorporate training with gazing at him and perfect it to an art, and for a few months there I had a great friend who had the benefit of being extremely good-looking. Now, I'm sure this mention will result in a fresh barrage of angry emails from LMC, but girl, you need to calm down. It's a compliment.

Sophie Dewstow-Wright
She who held the world's greatest 21st birthday party back in March has been a longtime friend (since we were about 14, maybe?) and bringer of happiness and excitement to any situation. Only Sophie looks good hungover. It's a fact. I've had so much fun, and so many exclamation-mark-filled conversations with this girl in my life I don't know where to begin. She's so intelligent it should be illegal, as well as being stupidly good at filmmaking and being cool! Like Luka, Sophie is just excited about life and it's addictive. Number one person I want to keep around for ever and ever.

Thom Horton
Hands up if you're sick of hearing about him? Too bad. He's cool. I don't think I've ever had a conversation with him where I didn't almost wet my pants laughing, but I've actually seen him taking the filmmaking business pretty seriously too, and that's another reason I admire Thom. And in combination with Luke and Sophie? They're like, the dream team.

Danielle Hart
Probably the most undermentioned person here on my blog, she might actually be a genius (her sometimes other half, Alex, is too). Danielle was the original inspiration for my memorisation of Pi to 20 decimal places - however she now claims she's underwhelmed by this. No surprises there, considering she could probably qualify for Mensa. I definitely don't see enough of her, something I'm hoping will change in the new year, what with her working in Milford Sound and me residing in Dunedin. I really feel that in the near future, Danielle will be a major player in the field of climate change (she has a degree in Resource and Environmental Planning, with as yet unrealised dreams of changing the world) as well as being the one who keeps me sane throughout my studies with her unexpected sense of humour. Big fan.

Other major players in 2009
Jono Marshall, Katie Houchen, Bevan Jones (all Radioactive Reptiles and exceptionally talented filmmakers), Malcolm Amarasekera (my old workmate, wannabe stalker, gym training partner), my beyond amazing brothers Karl Poole and Sam Ashby, and Aubrey Paolino (fellow blogger and Camp Hoffman associate, with an unusual alcohol tolerance given her size). Emma Coyle! She knows what I'm talking about.

Chances are, if I drink with you, write on your wall on Facebook, or text you at all hours of the day and night, I love you more than you will ever know.

Peace, love, and a fun-filled new year for everyone!

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