23 October 2009

I Came To Dance

In light of the New Zealand Dollar's relative strength against the Greenback recently, I ordered four more tshirts from threadless.com yesterday. This is, for the record, on top of two I ordered on October 7th. Slightly ridiculous? Maybe. But at least now I have a shirt for every day of the week (on top of the fifty I already own? Yeah, okay).

Apparently, I'm Jillian Nickell's newest #1 fan, as I ordered both of her threadless.com designs - Alice's Sewing Basket (previously written about here) and Playground Joust.

Gooooood. Also in my cart: Rainforests, by Yeoh Guan Hong, and Juliet by Lim Heng Swee. And then there's the other two shirts which should be arriving very soon: that ridiculous pink one by Robert Gould, a fellow typography nerd that says "i came to dance" in Helvetica font (yeah!) and the one pictured below...

True Love Will Find You In The End, by Si Scott

Mainly I like the swan - I'm not so sold on the phrase. Maybe it's true, but I have yet to see any evidence of this. And anyway, what's the point of true finding you "in the end"? Doesn't that suggest that you're about to die as you find it? Depressing. Still... something to look forward to.

Now, if Sephora had international shipping, then maybe I wouldn't buy so many tshirts. I would probably buy more mascara (I recently acquired Imju's Fiberwig, from Japan) anyway, so maybe it's a good thing. Although, I just found out that the qualification that will allow me to teach in Japan (post-Masters) is like, $1000, so I'm not really doing myself any favours either way. Sigh.

Oh well. I'm having fun.

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