3 October 2009

Night Train

Cool, and that will work out for you because YOU'RE A GUY.

Can you imagine if I left everyone behind to win Donny back in... well, the bowling alley? Wouldn't happen. I saw some Sex And The City quote recently (not from watching it, because I refuse to, but on Becky's Facebook) about how grand gestures by a guy are romantic, but by a girl they're considered desperate or psycho. It's freaking true! Not that I'm feminist or anything, but like, give us a break!! Yeah, okay so I am a little bit psycho, probably considerably moreso than the rest of the female population who have considered a grand gesture...but we mean well! Gah. Anyway, to the guy who is going to San Francisco, good luck. Though I dare say, if she wanted to be won back, she probably wouldn't have left you in the first place.


It was announced this morning (New Zealand time) that Rio de Janeiro will host the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Good. Seriously, as long as Chicago didn't win, I was going to be happy. And I'll happily admit that while I was a staunch supporter of the Tokyo campaign, I'm quite content with the Olympics going to Brazil. I mean, the Athletes Village in Tokyo looked kinda crappy anyway. Rio is sure to pull off the most stupendous Olympics ever, if you ask me. If anyone knows how to party, it's Brazilians.

As for me, I'll be 30, old and haggard by then anyway, so I'm not really considering it as some sort of goal. Instead, I've started planning my assault on the International Olympic Committee, of which I dream of being president. Yesss.

Oh, and here's some photos from Worlds, since I never got around to posting them earlier. Check out my fat legs! Not a good look.

Apologies to those who are my Facebook friends, because you will have probably seen these photos already, splashed all over my profile page. Hahaha. On a related note, I'm getting interviews by ITU (International Triathlon Union) for their newsletter, which is quite exciting for me. Especially considering my own local paper did not run a story about my win. Boo.

Guess what tomorrow is?!

Yes, yes, bitches... I'M GOING TO BAD RELIGION! And also NOFX, but I am really quite considerably less excited about the latter. Bad Religion!!! I actually can't believe it. It's shaping up to be the best night ever. EVER!

Peace, love, and new maps of hell, guys.

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