3 October 2009

Reason To Love Taylor Phinney #3874


Recently, UCI announced an upheaval of the Olympic Track Cycling programme. The most notable? The omission of events like the Madison, Points Race, and Taylor's own Individual Pursuit. Brain explosions! Instead, they're introducing an Omnium, which is great for Hayden Godfrey, but not so good for the slew of guys who have made cycling 4000m full throttle their specialty.

You might have already gathered from previous blog posts that Taylor is one of my faves. He's freakin hilarious, and seems to be somewhat personable, while maintaining machine-like qualities on the track and road (demonstrated so well by his 4:15 IP in Denmark earlier this year, and at the Junior Paris-Roubaix). But wait, there's more. This guy is honest, too. He's just gone and put his intentions out there, and now it's only a matter of time before he can cross that world record off his list, and likely become one of the hottest commodities in professional road racing. An Olympic track cycling gold might evade him, but there's definitely brighter things on his horizon.

Onto a lighter subject... what colour should I paint my nails today? I'm thinking "Keys To My Karma"...

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